Adamson High School circa 1915 May Fall to DISD Replacement Plan
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A plan by DISD would replace Adamson High School.  The school is the oldest in Oak Cliff.  Built in 1915, the school alumuni are seeking funds for a feasibility study on restoring the oldest parts of the building.  DISD proposes tearing the structure down and then rebuilding it "as close as possible" to the original design. 

Sign the petition to Save Adamson.

The Dallas Morning News had an article about it in print as well as a blog entry on the Oak Clff Blog.

The Advocate also had an entry on the subject.

You can find more information at both of these places.
Oak Cliff Yesterday
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A great website has been launched where you see old photos of Oak Cliff as well as share your own.

Check it out. Oak Cliff Yesterday
Memories of the Kessler Theater
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Roy Appleton of the Dallas Morning News has a great article today by Bob Crockett recounting his teenage years at the Kessler Theater which is in the process of being restored.

It's a great read and window into the past.

See that building once identified as a church? If it reminds you somehow of a theater, it's because that's what it was - a newer and nicer-than-average movie house in the early 1940's when I patronized it regularly.

Specifically, it was the Kessler Theater, on the darkened back row of which, during a Humphrey Bogart drama, I was introduced to the art of kissing.

This revelation came at the urging of an older woman.


Congratulations to District 1 and District 3 winners, Delia Jasso and Dave Neumann
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On Saturday  June 13th, Delia Jasso won in a runoff election to replace Dr. Elba Garcia as the Council Member for District 1.  That brings this election cycle to a close.  Ms. Jasso will join Dave Neumann, winner from District 3, in representing North Oak Cliff.  We congratulate both of them on their wins and their committent to Oak Cliff, its people and its neighborhoods.

Oak Cliff was very lucky this election season to have had so many concerned citizens that were willing to put their lives on hold and run for public office.  The area is fortunate to have so many passionate individuals that care.

Oak Cliff is also lucky to have had such a strong advocate as Dr. Elba Garcia.  She has been a leader for all of the people of North Oak Cliff with an open door policy for everyone and her presence at City Hall will be missed.
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