2011 Architecture at Risk Status
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1. Tenth St. Historic District - Since last year’s Risk List, the outlook for Tenth Street Historic District has improved.
A Neighborhood Association is beginning to form with the aide of Council Member Carolyn Davis, Meadows Foundation and other non-profit organizations.

2000 Roses Foundation has been working with the City of Dallas to acquire vacant properties with goals for rehabilitation instead of demolition. In May, the Texas National Guard assisted the City with demolition for selected properties in South Dallas, one being in the Tenth Street Historic District. The removal of this burned structure set wheels in motion for new development.

CityDesign Studio has included the Tenth Street Historic District in a new planning effort named LINC Dallas (Leveraging & Improving Neighborhood Connections). For more info, visit: http://www.dallascityhall.com/citydesign_studio/LINC.html

2. Jefferson Blvd. - Last year, Councilmember Delia Jasso assembled a group of people to discuss the future of Jefferson Blvd.  Mayor Mike Rawlings has identified Jefferson Blvd. in his Grow South initiative to re-identify the street as a "Main Street" for Southern Dallas and Oak Cliff.  When speaking about Jefferson, the Mayor always mentions the history of the street in a very positive light and has discussed it in private meetings about Jefferson.  With the Boulevard's history being part of the dialougue about it's future, we feel very positive indeed.

3. Annabelle Clopton Bldg - Two new businesses have gone into the Annabelle Clopton Building since last year and both have done improvements to both the interior and exterior.  While some of the renovations haven't been sensitive, the structure is in such disrepair that they are certainly better than the situation was before.

4. L.O. Daniel Mansion - This property is still vacant and still for sale.  The home could be an office or even a bed and breakfast.  It can be yours for $550,000.  Contact Mr. Kahn at 214-316-6835.

5. Virginia Manor - The developer that bought Virginia Manor lost it to the bank and the complex has recently started signing leases again making for a more stable tenant base.  This is a positive thing for the property.

6. 214 W. Neely

7. Stevie Ray Vaughn's Home

8. Aunt Stelle's Sno-Cones

All these properties are largely unchanged from last year.