2012 Home Tour
2012 Home Tour Tickets
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altTickets!  Get your tickets ! 

Yes, Tour tickets are on sale now.  Remember
if you buy your ticket before the day of the Tour,
you get a discount off the full price.
You can use the Paypal link on this site, and we'll hold tickets for you at Ticket Central.

Or - stop by your local Tom Thumb store. 

We're happy this year to be partnering with
Tom Thumb to make tickets available in four
Dallas locations:

Hampton Road
Lovers & Greenville
Abrams & Mockingbird
Northwest Hwy & I-75

2012 Old Oak Cliff Conservation League Home Tour - THIS WEEKEND!
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This year's Old Oak Cliff Conservation League Fall Home Tour will be on October 13 and 14 from 12 - 6 both days.

Discount tickets may be purchased at the following Tom Thumbs or online before the tour at a discount.  $20 for adults and $12 for seniors.

Tom Thumbs selling tickets -
315 S. Hampton
5809 E. Lovers Lane
7700 N.W. Hwy
6333 E. Mockingbird

During the tour tickets will be full price and available at Tom Thumb, Ticket Central at 7th and Bishop - in front of Hunky's - or at any home on the tour.  Will Call will be at Ticket Central at 7th and Bishop.  $25 for adults and $15 for seniors.

The League gave back over $25,000 this past year to the community.  We can only do that through money we raise now during the Home Tour.

Please help support us and the work we do!  We appreciate you and our sponsors!

The homes for this year's tour and their sponsors are:

1. 504 Monssen                                    Hattie's
2. 707 Mayrant                                     GB Shelter Mtg
3. 1227 Cascade                                   Oak Cliff People
4. 405 S. Clinton                                  The Advocate
5. Tyler Street United Methodist Church    Tom Thumb
6. 223 N. Montclair                               Methodist Hospital
7. 2321 Fouts                                      Tony Nuncio
8. 922 Stevens Wood Court                    Lula B's
9. 2118 Barberry                                   Christ Episcopal Church
10.1317 W. Canterbury                          Hewitt and Habgood
11.1834 Kessler Parkway                        Robb Puckett and Jennie Stolarski
12.1419 Haines                                    Updike and Pugh


Sponsors, advertisers - we want you!
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You make it all possible

  Click here to download rates and info.

Save The Date - 2012 Tour
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2012 OOCCL FALL HOME TOUR - October 13 & 14

Lovely OOCCL volunteer at the 2011 Tour welcome center in Bishop ArtsAn annual event for over 35 years, The Old Oak Cliff Conservation Leagues's annual Fall Home Tour is usually held the second weekend in October.  This year will be no different, so mark your calendars!  Join us October 13 & 14 for a unique architectural exerience.

People from all over the metroplex come to see what Oak Cliff has to offer and come away impressed by the rolling terrain, creeks, and mature trees. The Tour showcases ten or more distinctive homes and occasionally includes an exceptional commercial structure or historic church. Because of the vast area covered, this is a driving tour which allows the visitor to experience bungalows, mid-century modern, and early 20th century architecture. There are approximately 2000 attendees each year.

The Tour has become the primary source of income for the League, and the proceeds are funneled back into member neighborhoods through a supplemental grant program. Occasionally, the League grants money for other important projects in Oak Cliff, such as scholarships and school projects.

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